Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Top 3 online money-making strategy

I created this blog because I want to share how I am making money apart from my regular 9-5 job. If you're familiar with my other blog, you'll know that I've tried almost every other money-making schemes out there, online or otherwise. I've tried paid-to-click and paid-to-read sites, I earned a few cents and dollars until I realized it's not worth the time and effort I'm putting into it. I stopped when tons of viruses invaded my PC. I also tried those videos which were supposed to reveal secrets for making money online. First they say it's free then you watch it and you find out that's it's just a video trying to sell the next video. I stopped on the second video. Finally, I've stumbled upon several quality opportunities which I am sticking to because they're legit and they are already helping me to slowly but surely create passive streams of income.

First off is Bo Sanchez' Truly Rich Club. By being a member of this club, I get access to sound advice from professionals about entrepreneurship and investing in the stock market. I also earn from being an affiliate which is basically just encouraging and referring people to join and be part of the Truly Rich Club, like what I am doing on my blog right now. Finally and most importantly, I get to listen and watch Bo's inspiring talks and read his amazing newsletters which serve as constant reminders that being truly rich means having abundance not only financially but also spiritually. If you want to become truly rich, click on the Truly Rich logo at the side bar or click here.

Second is Mark So's Forex Club Asia. By becoming a lifetime member of this club, I was able to attend Mark So's Comprehensive Forex Trading Course which taught me the ins and outs of Forex Trading. And being the cool mentor that he is, he also shows us his daily trades which we can conveniently copy if we like to or not. Another cool factor is that I earn dollars here. Fair warning though, you can earn big but you can also lose big as well so if you think you are ready for the thrills and opportunities of Forex Trading, sign-up here.

Finally (so far), and this is what I'm most excited about right now is FanBox. I was cleaning my email inbox when I stumbled upon a message informing me that is now FanBox. I remembered as being a site where you can send text messages worldwide for free. So I was pleasantly surprised when I went to the site and found that it has evolved into a social networking site where you can earn by making friends online, categorizing and rating their blogs, writing your own blogs, placing ads for products and services and buying products and services. That's basically what I do on the internet during my free time so I thought why not give it a try and get paid for what I'm already doing. I signed up and after creating my profile, I was led to my homepage but I didn't know what else to do after that. So I watched the tutorial videos and read the articles and I was on a roll since then, earning dollars once again. If you want to give FanBox a try, I can help you. But you have to sign-up using this link so that I can become your Teacher.

If you haven't signed up for any of the above, what are you waiting for? Start your money-making journey now!